Audi, BMW or Mercedes – Which is Better for Business?

These car manufacturers are the top German cars on the roads right now, with each offering something different. We always hear great things about either the Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz and they’re all incredibly successful for a reason, but the big question is – which is the best for business use? It’s all down to personal preference, but there are some must haves which cannot be ignored.

What features are needed within a business car?
1. Cruise Control

This feature is a must have when it comes to your business car, for the simple fact that it’ll save you petrol and therefore money. When travelling long distances frequently, it’s inevitable it’s going to end up burning a hole in your pocket, so using cruise control is a great way to prevent this.
2. Gadgets
In terms of the infotainment systems offered, the more advanced they are, the more helpful they can be to the driver. For example, the infotainment system will need to feature a big and responsive screen which is easy to navigate whilst driving and also feature a sat-nav for the amount of travelling that’s being done. As well as this, the amount of calls being made and received is more than the typical person, so a Bluetooth and hands-free connectivity is a must.
3. Spacious
When travelling to and from places, such as meetings, there’s no doubt that there’ll be plenty of objects to carry, meaning the car needs to be able to offer a generous amount of space for this.
4. Parking Sensors
This is a great way to add value to your car with the safety levels being raised significantly. Not all cars have been fitted with parking sensors, but they’re a great extra which makes reversing and parking easier than usual.



‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (Advancement through Technology)

What are Audi’s most popular for?
– High-quality interiors: Within each Audi model, you’ll never not be surrounded by luxury as each cabin is made with the best materials and designed with style in mind.
– Quiet driving experience: Having an incredibly loud drive is some-what irritating, but Audi’s have managed to master this. This is a handy feature for if you’re travelling often.
– Four-wheel drive: This is an added extra and is available for around £1,500. It’s a very popular choice as offers a generous amount of grip and lowers fuel consumption by a couple of mpg.
– Subtle styling: For those who don’t like to ‘show-off’ too much, Audi offer a range of good-looking and visually pleasing cars which feature a balance of beauty and being ‘out-there’.
– Fantastic diesel engines: They offer a better performance and are cheaper than the petrol engines on offer.

The cheapest Audi option is an A1, but the Audi A4 Avant is the best option.



‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’

What are BMW’s most popular for?
– Rear-wheel drive: All BMW’s are rear-wheel drives, making it a more enjoyable driving experience as acceleration, ride and feel are all a lot better.
– Driver-focused: As soon as you sit behind the wheel of a BMW, you realise that the dashboard is tilted towards the driver, making it easier to navigate.
– Infotainment system: The BMW’s iDrive system has constantly been improved from 2001 when it was first launched. Now, the iDrive system is one of the best on the market, if not the best and offers quick use and a handy sat-nav.
– Customer satisfaction: On a whole, BMW received a better customer satisfaction response than Audi.   

The cheapest BMW option is the 3-door 1 Series, but the best option is the 5 Series.



‘The Best or Nothing’

What are Mercedes’ most popular for?
– Driving experience: In comparison to the Audi’s and BMW’s, the Mercedes cars aim to drive with amazing amounts of sophistication, instead of focusing on the performance side of things. As soon as you get behind the wheel, you’ll feel important, especially when the Mercedes starts to glide along the road.
– Luxury interior: Mercedes are known for their prestigious look as this is the name they’ve achieved over the years. If you’re lucky enough to own a Mercedes, you’ll see that the interior matches the exterior and is adorned with nothing but the finest materials and design.
– Great safety systems: This is where Mercedes used to lack, but after seeing Volvo upping their game, so has Mercedes. Expect plenty of airbags, anti-lock brakes and even a night-vision camera in order to keep you safe whilst driving.
– Customer satisfaction: A customer’s response is the most accurate source of feedback and with Mercedes being voted higher than Audi or BMW, does this mean they’re the all-round better manufacturer?

The cheapest Mercedes option is the A-Class, but the best option is the E-Class.

All of these luxury German brands have high price tag, because of their high status in the motoring industry. Business car leasing is a great way to drive one of these cars for an affordable monthly price – why not start your leasing journey with a contract hire deal ?


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