Mercedes and their Executive Collection: Business Edition


The more classy and executive the car is, the better match it is to be the face of your company. Don’t you agree?
Trying to find the most ideal car can be way more difficult than ever thought but as long as it checks the points off the list, you’ll be sweet.

So, what does a business car include?
1. Gadgets
All cars which are involved with business need the handy equipment such including a touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity for business calls and a built-in Sat-nav.
2. Fancy ride
The better your car looks, the better you look and therefore the business you work for/own.
3. Cruise Control
This feature aims to maintain the temperature of the car in order to keep you cool and reduce humidity.
4. Parking Sensors
This aims to help you be extra careful when it comes to parking, especially needed if you’ve got an expensive car.

This hot hatchback is definitely an able contender in order to reach the top spot for the ‘best business car’. The appearance of the A Class is better than ever as it features bonnet creases and a choice of a ‘sports’ grille in order for a more unique and stylish twist. The top thing a car should always be is practical – is the A Class practical? Yes of course it is, which is handy for if you’re driving it on a daily basis. You’re able to choose the best engine for you in which all of them offer you a good and powerful drive.


Mercedes A Class

Now onto the interior. It’s something special, that’s for sure as it feels expensive, looks classy and is way more organised than ever thought. The dashboard is neat and clear for the driver to view with a range of handy technology to use including climate control, a reversing camera and Bluetooth. Extras are available to add if needed.

The only major issue with the Mercedes A-Class is the storage space. With a business car, you may be dropping off and picking up a number of boxes etc. in which you need the space for but the boot of the A Class does let you down.

Price Range: £19,990 – £48,995

You can choose either the slick saloon or the executive estate, which would be the start of your C-Class journey. Whichever you choose, they both have ‘business’ written all over them with their high-class appearance which gives you the look you truly desire. All engines are economical but the choice is limited as the engines are near enough all diesel – so if you’re a petrol fan, you could be out of luck.

Mercedes C-Class

There are three different trims to choose from including the Sport and AMG Line, in which all are upmarket and make you feel like royalty. To make things a little more complicated, with each trim level you get to choose the equipment bundles which range from Executive to Premium Plus – all offer generous amounts of kit. Onto the dashboard, it’s been well-designed in order for the driver to navigate with ease but it is very out-there and flashy.

Overall, the C-Class would be a great choice in terms of a business car as it offers a great look, powerful drive and a comfortable ride… what more is there to want?

Price Range: £28,295 – £70,035

Named one of the best Mercedes model around, the E-Class will never disappoint if you choose it as the face of your business. With its high amount of elegance inside and out, you’re able to attended your meetings in style every single time without fail.

Mercedes E Class

The interior is in a class of its own as it includes everything you need (and more!), along with offering the highest quality materials for the greatest amount of comfort. The layout of the dashboard and dials is pretty similar to the C-Class but the E-Class tops it each time, just by a little bit with the added luxury. You can’t fault the infotainment in the slightest because the standard is extremely generous as it includes Bluetooth, a USB Socket and an 8.4-inch colour screen. It’s just the perfect ride if you don’t mind splashing out a little.

Price Range: £35,935 – £51,320

Overall, it does depend on how executive you want to look. If the answer is just a tad then the A-Class is for you, but if the answer is extremely, then the E-Class will be your new best friend. Another option is Mercedes leasing, which allows you to pay fixed monthly payments for a period of time which does actually make it easier for you to own your dream business car.

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